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With an indoor, easily accessible hitting net you can try your cricket kit before you buy to ensure that you have the right equipment to help you shine in your sport. And with kit from all the great cricket brands including Kookabura, New Balance, adidas, Newbery, Salamander, Gray Nicholls and Chase across a variety of sizes, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Kookaburra County Star Cricket Ball SSP £15

Available in 5 1/2oz only


Newbery Big Duffle in Black SSP £60

Available in Black


Chase R11 Finback SSP £320

Available in Short handle


GM Icon DXM 909 Cricket Bat SSP £310

Available in SH


Newbery Big Duffle in Royal SSP £60

Available in Royal


Readers Supaball in Red/Yellow SSP £6.50

Available in Red/Yellow & Pink in Junior & Senior


Gray Nicolls Players Cricket Boot SSP £60

Available in size 7-12


New Balance TC1260 Duffle Bag

Available in Red SSP £65


Adidas 22YDS Senior Cricket Boot SSP £100

Avaiable in sizes 8-12


Salamander Cricket Jock shorts

Cotton Lycra Under Shorts



The original and the best catching device, used by some of the best Cricket players and coaches in the world


Newbery Infinity Players Cricket Bat SSP £320

Grade 1 English Willow


GM Eclipse DXM 404 Cricket Bat SSP £115

Available in size Harrow.


Masuri C Line Batting Pad SSP £75

Available in Mens RH & LH


Kookaburra 1200 Wicket Keeping Pad SSP £50

Available in Mens.


Masuri VS Test Steel Cricket Helmet SSP £125

Available in Small Mens/Mens/Large Mens


Chase R11 Batting Gloves SSP £60

Available in Mens RH


New Balance TC560 Batting Glove SSP £45

Available in Mens & Youths RH & LH


GM 606 Batting Pads SSP £60 Mens RH

Available in Mens Right Hand


Kookaburra KC2.0 Spike Cricket Boot SSP £60

Available in sizes 6-12


Gunn & Moore Icon Cricket Boot SSP £60 & £50

Available from size 2-12


Adidas Cricket Trousers

Available in Junior & Senior Sizing


Masuri C Line Batting Gloves SSP £60

Available in Mens RH & LH


Newbery Invictus 5 Star Junior Cricket Bat SSP £130

English Willow size 4-H

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