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At Hawkinsport we host a huge range of Hockey accessories, for coaches or players, we cater for your needs!

Adidas Adigrip Single - White

Available in White, Black and Grey


Adidas Face Covering in Black

Pack of 3 masks


Adidas Gripper PU Grip - Black

Slip resistant hockey grip - Black


Adidas Adigrip Single - Black

Available in Black, White and Grey


Adidas Adigrip Single - Grey

Available in Grey, Black and White


Grays Hockey Cushion Grip

Available in a range of colours


Mercian Super Soft Grip

Available in assorted colours.


Osaka Sex Tape Chamois Grip

Available in white & original


Grays Stick Pro Guard

Prevents chips and scratches


Cotton Stick Tape

Cotton tape available in assorted colours. SSP £4


Mercian Senior Hockey Face Mask

Available in Clear/green. SSP £50


OBO OOP Face Off Steel Mask

Available in sizes youth/small, medium, large


Piranha 1 Litre Drinks Bottle

With Pull Top


Mercian Tactic Board

Keep all coaching notes in one place


Mist n' Sip Drinks Bottle

Drink and cool yourself with this bottle


Grays Coaching Tyre Target

Grays Coaching Tyre Target. SSP £40


Piranha Ball Bag

Holds up to 50 hockey/cricket balls


Precision Training Speed Ladder

4M & 8M flat ladder


Precision Training Throw Down Lines

Available in orange and yellow only, set of 10


Osaka Sweatband Set 2.0

Available in Black & White


Grays Hockey Senior Face Mask

Clear Face Mask - SSP £55


Lucozade 1 Litre Drinks Bottle

1 Litre/35oz water capacity.
Easy Squeeze.
Easy Grip Grooves.

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