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At Hawkinsport we host a huge range of Hockey accessories, for coaches or players, we cater for your needs!

Adidas Gripper PU Grip - Black

Slip resistant hockey grip - Black


Adidas Adigrip Single - Black

Available in Black, White and Grey


Adidas Adigrip Single - Grey

Available in Grey, Black and White


Adidas Adigrip Single - White

Available in White, Black and Grey


Adidas Face Covering in Black

Pack of 3 masks


Mercian Super Soft Grip

Available in assorted colours.


Grays Stick Pro Guard

Prevents chips and scratches


Osaka Sex Tape Chamois Grip

Available in white & original


Cotton Stick Tape

Cotton tape available in assorted colours. SSP £4


Mercian Senior Hockey Face Mask

Available in Clear/green. SSP £50


OBO OOP Face Off Steel Mask

Available in sizes youth/small, medium, large


Precision Training Throw Down Lines

Available in orange and yellow only, set of 10


Grays Hockey Senior Face Mask

Clear face mask. SSP £50


Grays Twintex Grip

Available in various colours


Grays Hockey Coaching Folder

Grays Hockey Coaching Folder. SSP £35


Grays Hockey Junior Face Mask

Clear face mask. SSP £45


Mercian Tactic Board

Keep all coaching notes in one place


Lucozade 1 Litre Drinks Bottle

1 Litre/35oz water capacity.
Easy Squeeze.
Easy Grip Grooves.


Mist n' Sip Drinks Bottle

Drink and cool yourself with this bottle


Piranha Ball Bag

Holds up to 50 hockey/cricket balls

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