Mercian Hockey Sticks

The Mercian stick collection is simple yet striking. Hawkinsport host a wide range of Mercian Hockey Sticks. The range utilises a variety of composite materials, bends and head shapes, weights and balance points. The technical make-up of the Mercian sticks will enhance your skills and ability to perform; delivered in a way that makes your choice of stick a statement, a decision which will help to inspire belief in your own ability.

Mercian Evolution 0.2 Hockey Stick 2018 / 2019

Available in Black/Gold. Sizes 36.5"& 37.5". SSP £260


Mercian Evolution 0.8 Pro Hockey Stick 2018/19

Available in Black/Copper. Sizes 36.5"&37.5. SSP £140


Mercian Evolution 0.6 Indoor Hockey Stick 2018/19

Available in Black/Gren. Size 36.5". SSP £65


Mercian Genesis 0.1 Indoor Hockey Stick 2018/19

Available in White/Green. Size 36.5". SSP £55

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