Chase R4 Finback SSP £180

Chase R4 Finback SSP £180

Chase R11 Finback

Grade 3 English Willow

Feather light pick-up
Perfect for every shot. Extra scooped flanks provide feather light pick-up, increasing control for quick reaction time. It's the perfect bat to play both touch shots and attacking drives.

Pro-grip. Multi-textured, high quality latex
Prevents movement through the shot
Traditional semi-oval handle for ultimate comfort and control
Grip-grab applied to all bats secures grip in position, no need for tape
Chrome printed and embossed labels
Scooped flanks for feather light pick-up
Maximum performance, mid-blade sweet spot Perfect for every shot
Semi-flat face profile to maximise edge size
Angled toe prevents feathering caused by tapping down
Acetone sealant applied to the toe prevents water damage

Available in Short Handle (SH) or Long Blade (LB)