GN Powerbow 5 400 SSP £40

GN Powerbow 5 400 SSP £40

GN Powerbow 5 400

Traditional cane fronted pad with high density foam side wing for impact resistance.
3-piece lightweight foam shin bolster and internal knee section for excellent comfort and breathability.
Padded top hat and instep combined with 2 inch straps on ankle and calf.

Please see the below sizes for recommended 'generic' batting pads.

The measurement should be taken from the middle of the knee cap down to where the tongue of your shoe would sit. This is only approximate but this should be help to make the best choice on size.

Please note some brands may slightly differ:

Mini < 28 cm long
X Small Junior - 28-31 cm long
Small Junior - 30-32 cm long
Junior - 32-35 cm long
Youths - 36-38 cm long
Small Adult - 38-39 cm long
Medium Adult - 40-43 cm long
Large Adult - 44-48 cm long