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Grays KN5 Dynabow Hockey Stick

Grays KN5 Dynabow Hockey Stick

Sticks in the KN range feature Kinetic Core Technology at the epicentre of each stick, which allows a complete redistribution of weight, creating a light and nimble pickup. This technology is designed primarily for progressive and fast-paced 3D styles of play. TRI-TECTM weave and Graphene reinforcement ensures that the KN range offers the maximum combination of balance, feel and power.

The KN5 Dynabow in Burnt Orange and pinstripe design offers Kinetic technology in a softer feel composition for players who favour control over power. Now combined with the Dynabow blade profile for excellent stick handling and passing consistency.

Power, control & speed are balanced for all round gameplay.

Soft feel for excellent control
Dynabow is designed for all-round gameplay
Slim mid-section for quick hand movements