Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe

Hawkinsport will set-up a pop-up shop be in the Queens Hall from 9.30am - 4pm to kit out new Year 7 boys with PE kit. We request you select an appointment slot below to ensure that the day runs smoothly. The school shop will also be selling blazers, labcoats, v-necks etc and no additional appointment is required.

  • You will be able to try on the kit and take it away with you on the day
  • Some sports kit will also be printed with your son's name/initials while you wait
  • Payment to Hawkinsport may be made by cash or debit//credit card.
  • It is suggested you allow at least 30 mins to get kitted out
  • Parents Association will also be attending with tea, coffee, cakes etc.

If you are unable to make this afternoon, then you can visit our Bourne End store at your convenience - shop hours Monday to Saturday from 9am until 17.30pm.

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09:30-09:400 slots
09:40-09:500 slots
09:50-10:000 slots
10:00-10:100 slots
10:10-10:200 slots
10:20-10:300 slots
10:30-10:400 slots
10:40-10:500 slots
10:50-11:000 slots
11:00-11:100 slots
11:10-11:200 slots
11:20-11:300 slots
11:30-11:402 slots
11:40-11:503 slots
11:50-12:004 slots
12:00-12:101 slot
12:10-12:204 slots
12:20-12:304 slots
12:30-12:400 slots
12:40-12:501 slot
12:50-13:004 slots
13:00-13:101 slot
13:20-13:303 slots
13:30-13:402 slots
13:40-13:504 slots
13:50-14:002 slots
14:00-14:100 slots
14:10-14:202 slots
14:20-14:304 slots
14:30-14:400 slots
14:40-14:503 slots
14:50-15:004 slots
15:00-15:103 slots
15:10-15:204 slots
15:20-15:304 slots
15:30-15:400 slots