Schildkroet Round Net Set
Schildkroet Round Net Set
Schildkroet Round Net Set


Round Net Set

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The ultimate new sport for young and old, for friends or family. On the beach, in the park or indoors: the fast-paced game inspires everyone and you can quickly find interested players.

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The ultimate new sport for young and old, for friends or family. On the beach, in the park or indoors: the fast-paced game inspires everyone and you can quickly find interested players.

The set includes everything for the immediate start of a Roundnet match:

  • Complete Roundnet (90cm in diameter and 20cm high)
  • 1 Training ball (11cm in diameter)
  • 2 Compettion balls (9cm in diamter, 0.5 bar)
  • Ball pump with needle
  • All comes in mesh bag for easy storage and transportation.

Game rules: Two teams, each with 2 players, compete against each other. All are evenly distributed around the net. The ball is hit with a flat hand on the net so that it flies into the opposing side. The opposing team can now pass the ball to each other up to two times before it has to be hit on the net again. The aim is that the ball struck in this way is preferably not reached by the opposing team. After the service, each player is free to move around the net. This is what makes the game so fast. With short and long passes, with fake attacks and other tricks you try to lure the opponent out of the reserve. If he does not manage to play the ball back and the ball falls on the floor, his own team gets 1 point. As soon as a player is hindered, he also receives 1 point. Whoever reached 21 points first and is in the lead with a gap of 2 points, wins the match!

  • Ultimate new sport for everyone
  • Comes in mesh bag for easy transport
  • Great for beach & outdoors